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n. (plural of pilot English)

Pilots (song)

"Pilots" is an electronic song written by British group Goldfrapp for their debut studio album Felt Mountain (2000). The song was produced by Goldfrapp and received a positive reception from music critics. It was released as a double A-side single with " Lovely Head" in the fourth quarter of 2001, and became the band's second single to chart within the top seventy-five in the United Kingdom.

Pilots (film)

Pilots is a 2000 Malayalam film written and directed by Rajiv Anchal, produced by Menaka and starring Suresh Gopi, Sreenivasan, and Praveena in the lead.

Usage examples of "pilots".

Across the room, the dancers came back on stage, and the music started up again, almost overwhelmed by the hollering and whistles from the pilots on the floor.

The first had finished with the bar sitters and was wading into the crowd of sullen pilots, her eyes moving rapidly, her face intenta woman who had a pattern in mind and whose only thought was a match.

Three bridges connected the hostel at varying levels to a larger building next door, which on closer inspection proved to be Flight Central, where those pilots who found themselves to be respectable went to register the news of their being on-port, and whether they was wishful of taking berth, or had a berth on offer.

Even extra-jumpy caution would pass, there being some pilots who just naturally did better on-ship than on-ground.

Had the pilots paid for protection against harm, then the local chapter would have splithalf to fulfill the contract to .

Ships calling for weapons, pilots demanding information, the local air defense group issuing contradictory orders.

Some pilots or traders end up in legal hassles a port or two down link.

It was quiet in the piloting tower, both pilots at their stations, and the tree, Jela thought, at its.

The pilots were strapped in at their stations, while the third member of the crew sat in the jump-seat.

He had never done such a bit of piloting himself, but he had talked to pilots who had.

The race of the Thousand Pilots is not supposed to be a serious affair.

This quest to save the stars was to be for others: eminent pilots such as the Sonderval, and Aja, and Alark of Urradeth, and some who were not yet famous such as Victoria Chu, and my son, Danlo wi Soli Ringess.

A single pilot guided each lightship, and together the pilots of Vild Mission would lead the seedships and deepships across the stars.

No one could know how a few thousand pilots and professionals in their fragile ships might cool the fury of the Vild, and so the peoples of the Civilized Worlds gathered on their star-flung planets to hope and wonder and pray.

Had the pilots or others of the Order wondered how far they had fallen, they might have measured their journey in parsecs or tendays or trillions of miles.