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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Piller \Pill"er\, n. One who pills or plunders. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"plunderer," early 14c., from obsolete verb pill "to plunder, to pillage" (see pillage (v.)).


n. (label en obsolete) A plunderer or thief.


Piller may refer to:

  • Piller, a district of the municipality of Fließ, Tyrol, Austria
  • Anton Piller order, court order which provides for the right to search premises without prior warning

Usage examples of "piller".

Thinkses I that poor little head with the piller case on it will be jest as much looked up to, as if it wuz white and had a crown on it.

But for Piller, the butler, he would have dashed out the door without his hat.

Rick Berman and Michael Piller made me a part of the Star Trek universe in the first place, thereby changing my life.

De piller et manger le bonhomme Qui de longtemps Jacques Bonhomme Se nomme.

  Insted ther woz a hoal network ov twistid pillers, weevin this way & that wif hi-alt babil - thin weedy stuf - ol ovir it, coatin thi floar ov thi galery, nettin thi weev ov thi frettid stoan wol.

Next thing ah knew thare's this hissin and the sound ov arrers shootin past ma heid an skitein aff pillers an waws an the stanp flare.