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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pilch \Pilch\, n. [AS. pylce, pylece, LL. pellicia. See Pelisse, and Pelt skin.] A gown or case of skin, or one trimmed or lined with fur.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) A gown or case of skin, or one trimmed or lined with fur. 2 (context archaic English) a covering put over an infant diaper to prevent outer clothes from getting wet


Pilch is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Adalbert Pilch (1917–2004), Austrian painter and graphic artist
  • Adolf Pilch (1914–2000), Polish resistance fighter
  • David Pilch (born 1943), English cricketer
  • Fuller Pilch (1804–1870), English cricketer
  • Hartmut Pilch (born 1963), interpreter, translator, software developer
  • Herbert Pilch (born 1927), German linguist
  • Jerzy Pilch (born 1952), Polish writer and journalist
  • John Pilch (1925-1991), American basketball player
  • Nathaniel Pilch (1793–1881), English cricketer
  • William Pilch (1794–1866), English cricketer

Usage examples of "pilch".

We're to hang on to Lyad, and when Pilch gets to Luscious she'll interview her.

When Pilch gets her little mitts on someone, there isn't much left out.

She said then, paying Repulsive the highest compliment Pilch could give, "It—he—was a good therapist!

It relates an early adventure of the same Pilch who, many years later, features so prominently in Trigger's history and appears once, in "Compulsion," in the Telzey saga.

Besides, while he shared the general feeling of distaste for Psychological Service and its ways, he found Pilch herself and the prospect of spending a half-day or so in her company very attractive.

A voice began murmuring presently from one of the talkie gadgets Pilch wore as earrings.

He hadn't specified Pilch, though he imagined it was the kind of job she would be likely to take on.

Part of that oddness -- a subtle thing which Pilch has spotted -- is that Trigger is no longer repelled by plasmoids.

We're to hang on to Lyad and when Pilch gets to Luscious she'll interview her.

But they evidently felt, as had Pilch, that if she was going to be involved with a Siren, she should have the protection of a mind shield.

It permitted contact with her conscious thoughts but sealed off the rest of her mind with a block which stopped the heaviest probe Pilch tried against it.

Trigger, having seen a similar expression on Pilch now and then, remained silent.

Still, Pilch wouldn't have referred to her as a little monster without reason.

We'll see if Pilch is right, and it's something I can handle—and whether you're right, and it's something that has to be handled.

Telzey Amberdon occupies pride of place, of course, but you will also find all of Trigger Argee (my personal favorite), the roguish Heslet Quillan, Holati Tate, Pilch, Professor Mantelish, Wellan Dasinger—each and every one.