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Piła is a town in northwestern Poland. It had 77,000 inhabitants as of 2001. It is situated in the Greater Poland Voivodeship (since 1999), previously capital of Piła Voivodeship (1975–1998). Piła is the largest town in the northern part of Great Poland. It is the capital of Piła County. The town is located on the Gwda river and is famous for its green areas, parks and dense forests nearby. It is an important road and railway hub, located at the intersection of two main lines - Poznań - Szczecin and Bydgoszcz - Krzyż Wielkopolski.


Pila may refer to:


Píla may refer to:

  • Píla, Pezinok District, Slovakia
  • Píla, Lučenec District, Slovakia
  • Píla, Žarnovica District, Slovakia
Pila (gastropod)

Pila is a genus of large freshwater snails with an operculum, African and Asian apple snails, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Ampullariidae, the apple snails.

Piła (disambiguation)

Piła is a town in Greater Poland Voivodeship, west Poland.

Piła may also refer to the following places in Poland:

  • Piła, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (north-central Poland)
  • Piła, Łódź Voivodeship (central Poland)
  • Piła, Jędrzejów County in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (south-central Poland)
  • Piła, Końskie County in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (south-central Poland)
  • Piła, Subcarpathian Voivodeship (south-east Poland)
  • Piła, Ostrów Wielkopolski County in Greater Poland Voivodeship (west-central Poland)
  • Piła, Pleszew County in Greater Poland Voivodeship (west-central Poland)
  • Piła, Szamotuły County in Greater Poland Voivodeship (west-central Poland)
  • Piła, Pomeranian Voivodeship (north Poland)
Pila (Karlovy Vary District)

Pila is a village and municipality in Karlovy Vary District in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic. The municipality covers an area of and as of 2006 it had a population of 461.

Usage examples of "pila".

The first he briskly introduced as Pila, a senior advisor, whom Nilis had evidently met before.

Gramm and Pila looked politely bored, Nilis was fascinated by the scenery.

So Luru Parz led Nilis, Gramm, and Pila to a conference room, leaving Pirius and Torec in the charge of Faya Parz.

Every seat was occupied, with the portly figure of Minister Gramm at the head of the table, and his advisor Pila beside him.

In fact, the station commander, a stern prosthetic-wearer called Captain Marta, insisted that he and Pila were accompanied by guards wherever they went.

Red called Burden and Pirius Blue to the office he had had Pila set up.

With Pila at his side, he stood awkwardly on a crate, the only rostrum he could find.

He told Pila his target for resuming training flights was twenty-four hours.

With Pila at his side, he locked the door of his office, set up a security shield, and showed them the order.

After they were done, Pila would draft the final Operation Order that would be disseminated to the flight crews.

As the flyers clambered out of their little transporter, Pila stood to one side and began making checks on a data desk she carried.

Aside from civilians like Commissary Nilis and Pila, there were much more lowly types: workers, techs, administrators.

He had learned, for instance, that the Pila were oviparous and did not suckle their young.

The Kisa race, newly free from indenture to the Soro, discovered the planet Pila shortly after the recent migration of galactic culture to this quadrant.

Upon receiving their license to the planet Pring, the Pila undertook their occupancy with more than perfunctory attention to the minimal-impact provisions of their contract.