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PiL refers to Public Image Ltd

Pil or PIL may also refer to:

  • Pil, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Carlos Miguel Jiménez Airport (IATA Code: PIL), in Pilar, Paraguay
  • Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport (FAA Code: PIL), in Port Isabel, Texas
  • Pacific International Lines, a Singapore-based shipping company
  • Poslednja Igra Leptira, a former Yugoslavian pop rock band
  • Portland Interscholastic League, a high school athletic conference in Oregon
  • Python Imaging Library
  • Patient information leaflet
  • Publishing Interchange Language

Usage examples of "pil".

The little Pil sprawled into a prone position with his quadrilaterally symmetric hands dangling over the sides of the cushion.

Jacob wondered if the Pil was trying to be sociable, or if he came by his charm naturally.

The Pil, through his Vodor, began to make voice with a complicated, alliterative, incomprehensible speech.

Jacob had been hard put not to laugh when he caught the conspiratorial glances that passed between Bubbacub and Millie Martine when the Pil went to pick up his own coded message.

Pring serve in the cities and farms of nearly all Pil planets, except for the home planet, Pila.

Shortly afterwards Pil Bubbacub puffed importantly into the room, his sleek fur ruffled in a collar around his short fat neck.

We should humbly ask the Pil Bubbacub and Kant Fagin to join us, down in the Sun, in one last attempt to make contact!

Martine, insisted that any further expeditions would be pointless and probably fatal as well, without the Pil and his Lethani relic along.

Alone of those aboard, the Pil watched impassively as Jacob lurched forward and fell to the deck senseless, a few feet away.

The Pil stopped in front of Culla, standing by the wall, and clicked his quadrilaterally symmetric fingers in a complicated pattern.

Also Pil Bubbacub hash indicated that he will not remain pasht another five minutes.

The Pil hissed back but remained still, the fingers of each hand flexing against one another as he watched Jacob.

Mechanisms which, I might add, were declared superfluous and unnecessary by Pil Bubbacub and many others during construction.

Benny Lang he comes to see me and wen he sees how sick I am he gos off and wen he comes back he gives me sum pils to take and I takem and next day I am rite as rain.

I took another long swig of Pils fuck the antibiotics, I usually forgot to take them anyway and checked Baby-G.