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Usage examples of "pikk".

Church near Pikk Street, but because of bad weather only intermittent contact was made.

Maintain radio links to the barracks and inform KGB Headquarters on Pikk Street of our intention.

As they walked along Pikk Street, the main avenue that cut through the length of the town, Stanski looked in the drab shop windows.

Stanski decided to try his coupons, and when he bought a bottle of vodka in a shop off Pikk Street the girl behind the counter took his coupon and money without batting an eye.

Every hotel and inn in the city and old town had been visited and all the guests had been accounted for, their backgrounds checked and verified by KGB Headquarters on Pikk Street, The deserter tally had risen to twenty-one arrested.

Apologizing to the annoyed billy, he started up Pikk Street, only to find his path blocked by a lean human little taller than Mudge.