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n. (plural of pike English)

Pikes (album)


Pikes is the sixty-ninth studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the thirty-fourth installment of the Buckethead Pikes Series. The album was part of a series of thirty pike albums that were released in close succession from one another during 2013.

Speculation about the album arose when Buckethead released the thirty-fifth and sixth installments of the series Thank you Ohlinger's and The Pit simultaneously skipping Pike altogether without giving any explanation about the missing album. As time passed, Buckethead continued to release subsequent installments of the series without mentioning "Pike 34" until November 27 when the album was finally released digitally with a limited edition version consisting of 300 copies of an untitled white album signed by Buckethead himself to be released on December 10. As such, Pikes became the second album of the series not to have been announced chronologically (the first one being Pike 13).

The album is a continuation to the previous chronological album in the series Pumpkin as it is seen on the track numeration and cover theme and title. Pikes was signed with orange ink instead of the traditional black ink used in the previous limited editions.

A standard edition was announced but has not yet been released.

Usage examples of "pikes".

She had come here planning just to stay with the Pikes a week or two, until she found a place of her own, and then the children made her change her mind.

After that the Pikes asked if she would like to live with them, and she said yes without appearing to think twice.

Nine months of each year she worked as a secretary for the school principal, giving some of her salary to the Pikes and sending some home to her parents, and in the summers she worked part-time in the tobacco fields.

And then she pictured how it would be when today was yellowed too, years from now, and the Pikes themselves were buried and Simon an old man.

Now they sat in one smiling, rumpled cluster - the Potter sisters, the Pikes, Ansel, and James.

Both toted pikes, and one of them, it turned out, was an expert at wielding the weapon.

Their faces were impassive as they marched with their pikes aligned on their right shoulders in practiced military precision.

Before he could regain his feet he was ringed by a dozen Reptiloids, their pikes pointed at his chest.

Both of the guards were leaning against the far wall, pikes in hand, conversing.

Some of the lizard-men attempted to let fly with their pikes, but they were cut down before they could complete the throw.

Reptilian directed his personal guard, and they sprinted toward Grizzly, never considering for a moment the futility of pitting their pikes against an automatic rifle.

Grizzly was slashing furiously, ducking and weaving to avoid the pikes, a smile on his face, as if he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Move them north, and have them connect First Pikes to the Tamaerthan archers.

Rick sent off another messenger to the heavy weapons, then rode down to First Pikes and stood in his stirrups.

Cheers rose, pikes followed, and the counterattack charged down the hill.