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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Harper's glitzy new restaurant made the rest of us in the business look like pikers.
▪ As a showman he makes P.. Barnum look like a piker.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"miserly person," 1872, formerly "poor migrant to California" (1860), earlier pike (1854), perhaps originally "vagrant who wanders the pike (n.1)" (which is the notion in Sussex dialectal piker "vagrant, tramp, gypsy," 1838), but Barnhart, OED and others suggest the American English word ultimately is a reference to people from Pike County, Missouri.


n. 1 (label en military historical) A soldier armed with a pike, a pikeman. 2 One who bets or gambles only with small amounts of money.


Piker may refer to:

  • Miranda Piker, a character cut from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl before publication

Piker may also be:

  • Miser
  • Pikey
  • Vagrant

Usage examples of "piker".

When she stood up, Tobin was standing over the man who Feltan and Piker had injured.

The thirty-six pikers and axemen snapped into their pulling harnesses and tugged the cart into its final position.

Once those pikers got them pushed back and jammed together, they were dog meat!

Even if the pikers could encircle the Mongol horsemen, what could they do to harm them?

Some pikers would be out in the field and some of the carts would have no one but gunners to defend them.

A human wave of axemen ran up on top of the pikers, then across their shoulders and heads to get at the enemy!

A lot of pikers might have had bruised backs, but I never heard any complaints.

The pikers were still pushing forward, since they knew nothing better to do.

Six guns and gunners in the cart could be pulled along with the pikers protecting the guns and the guns firing over the heads of the pikers.

The pikers had their cloaks draped over their packs, and the archers' weapons were snug in their waxed-leather cases.

Wot fer did you detail dem two pikers, Miller and Swenson, to guard de skirt fer if it wasn't fer some special frame-up of yer own?

He had made up his mind that he would show this bunch of pikers that he knew how to box, so that none might say that he had won with a lucky punch, for Billy intended to win.

I didn't have no chance to tell you last night while them pikers was stickin' aroun', so I stops now on my way back to the hills.