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He looked across the room to his brother, Pikel, who busied himself with several models Cadderly had constructed.

They were about the same size, though Pikel was a bit more round-shouldered, an attribute exaggerated by his loose-fitting, drooping robes.

Cadderly and Pikel could continue their outlandish conversations for hours on end.

The dwarf hoisted the pan and charged, but Pikel, now similarly armed, was ready for him.

He had known Ivan and Pikel for more than a decade, since his childhood days, and had never seen either one of them lift a fist at the other.

He would have to check on Ivan and Pikel, to make sure they were not back at their fighting, and on Kierkan Rufo, to make sure the man had no designs against Danica.

Ivan and Pikel stopped their stirring and stared long and hard at the young priest.

As usual, Ivan and Pikel had crafted the metal to exact specifications.

Ivan and Pikel were already in the room, surrounding the young scholar, weapons ready and faces grim at the sight of the unexpected darkness.

For all his precautionary armor, Pikel still wore his open-toed sandals.

The club was fully four feet long, nearly as tall as Pikel, a foot in diameter on the wide end, and less than half that on the narrow, gripping end.

Cadderly shrugged away his worries, trusting in Ivan and Pikel to use their best judgment.

Cadderly looked back over his shoulder, expecting to see that Ivan and Pikel had returned.

But Pikel, for all his obvious enchantment, kept a pragmatic attitude about the situation.

Ivan and Pikel were protective of their kitchen, and both took extreme satisfaction in keeping the hungriest priests of the library fed to contentment.