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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Piked \Piked\, a. Furnished with a pike; ending in a point; peaked; pointed. ``With their piked targets bearing them down.''

  1. 1 Furnished with a pike; ending in a point; peaked; pointed 2 Describing a dive in which the knees are kept straight, but the body is bent at a right-angle at the hips v

  2. (en-past of: pike)


Usage examples of "piked".

Further she was lady paramount over certain vaults in the basement, sharply piked off from communication with the predatory world.

Below, the limestone pavement was awash with red, thick trickles of it running from the long windrow of bodies where the bolts had struck, smaller streams from the thick scattering of shaaids piked as the phalanx advanced across the square.

There was a sudden turbulence in the water to starboard as a piked whale surfaced, white flukes and belly gleaming as it rolled and went under again.