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n. (plural of pigment English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pigment)

Usage examples of "pigments".

Troy sketched quickly, switching colors, using the side of his hand to blend the greasy pigments, smudging sharp lines into softer, broader strokes.

There were at least half a dozen apprentices in sight, all of them busy shoveling sand, mixing and grinding pigments, hammering boards together into a platform, sweating and sending up a haze of dust from all the drudgery that lies behind serene fine art in metal and stone and paint.

Below it, the pigments gleamed in their jars--ochre, saffron, woad, kobold, beet, reseda, calcimine, koal-absolute potentiality.

With these pigments, these brushes, and this canvas, he could make anything.

Thicker pigments in mottled tint and shade formed waves on the waters beneath the firmament.

With a steady hand, Ixidor reached in with his stony pigments and modified another wall so that it too would flip to floor somewhere along its length.

Acizzone used the pigments to more disturbing effect than anyone before him.

Closer up or, better still, if you made physical contact with the ultrasonic pigments used in the originals, it became apparent that the concealed images were of most profoundly and shockingly erotic nature.

On AntiAubracia, close to the heart of the group of islands, I bought some pigments, oils and brushes.

I set to work, building up the layers of pigments on a series of gesso-primed boards.

The ultrasonics produced by the tactile pigments operated directly on the hypothalamus, promoting sudden changes in serotonin concentrations and levels.

Sometimes, I would stand at the window of my studio and stare down across the bustling, careless city below, my own shocking images concealed in the pigments behind me.

Stepping up close, working with the pigments, or pressing my flesh against the stippled layers of dried paint, I entered a psychological realm of great calm and reassurance.

The man started screaming as the smouldering pigments reached his hands, but still he could not release himself.

I scarcely dared to look back, but I saw them abandoning the man who had fallen across the pigments and hoist their batons to the strike position.