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The misshapen birds and uncanny cats who haunted the leaf-strewn forest alleyways seemed—to a pig's perception, at least—to be fewer and farther between and occasionally beside themselves.

Then he snorted again, put out no end to learn that a boy's nose is physically unable to produce as loud and satisfying a snort as a pig's snout.

Soon the other old men waxed envious of the pig's ascendancy and dredged up other tales their own grandsires had told them when age made ancients babble nonsense: sweet nonsense of wolves who dressed up in granny's clothing, and maidens whose taste for pomegranate seeds deprived the world of spring, and babies whose birth brought winged beings down from the heavens, riding the tail of a splendid star.

He pulled a tiny, white embroidered baby bonnet from his sleeve and tied it around the pig's head.

And the eighth, of course, to be the sophist arguing the pig's side of things.

When it was all over, the chamber resembled a charnel house—and of Ion Jeschonyk himself, there was less than a bad butcher would have left of a pig's carcass.

It was only years later, after Remo achieved proficiency and wisdom that had made him into another being, that Chiun would criticize and call him a pale piece of a pig's ear.

When a Master must struggle with a pale piece of a pig's ear, he must tell stories.

Vanko had tied one of the pig's legs across its chest to keep it off balance, but Sumo was strong and agile, and it understood in a moment that the same people who had been its benefactors for a year were going to slaughter it.

He and Vanko and Zhenya were dragged over the snow until Arkady got the noose around the pig's other front leg.