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I think Piff left a package in the kitchen -- food and stuff, could you look?

But such escapes and escapades were minor compared with his flight at the age of eleven from Athelburn School, Hertfordshire, and the pugilistic Mr Piffer who had oddly picked him out as world-championship material and had instructed him to visit his room for early training.

Keen though he was to make his mark in boxing, or in anything, Nicholas had been disturbed by the realisation that from the first donning of the gloves, it was intended that he boxed with the pink-cheeked, puffing Piffer himself.

They would have fitted a heavyweight, and when they had fallen down about his ankles Mr Piffer, eager-eyed had darted forward to pull them up.

Instead Nicholas got in a foul below the belt, and Mr Piffer doubled up in ecstasy.

As he passed by Mr Piffer, on his fourth lap, his mentor called some unrealistic instruction, distracting him briefly.

Mr Piffer and the now openly sobbing maths master got his thin body onto the stool.

Eyes bright with the excitement of the evening, Mr Piffer began rubbing Nicholas's stomach.

Nicholas let his lungs heave a couple of times and then produced his only punch of the night, a haymaker containing every bit of strength he had left, which caught Mr Piffer on the chin and sent him toppling backwards over the ropes and out of the ring.