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Pif (television host)

Pierfrancesco Diliberto, nicknamed Pif, is an Italian television host, film director, actor and writer.

Usage examples of "pif".

Jake nodded uncertainly, opening his mouth to say that he felt all right, but Pif was already answering.

He hesitated a beat longer, then jogged the few steps to catch up to Pif, who had continued to walk and talk.

The bridge’s main door slid open and Pif stepped out, chatting away about something or other, followed closely by the young man.

I’ll have Pif give you a tour tomorrow morning, after you’ve had some rest.

He looked exhausted, and Dez reminded himself to give Pif a good kick later for waking him up.

As soon as Jake had pushed his plate aside, Pif was on his feet, hurrying the rest of them through the pleasantries of having met.

This is the only lift on B that always goes directly to the subdeck,” Pif said, “though depending on the day, there’s another one farther aft that might take you there.

Instead of turning left or right, Pif walked straight ahead, and the plain white tunnel wall that had seemed to be only a few meters in front of the lift, that should have stopped them, continued to hang the same distance away.

I like this one,” Pif said, watching the sphere, obviously perfectly relaxed.

More than once, Pif had received the distinct impression that Stessie wasn’t truly interested in what he was saying, though he supposed it was possible he was reading her wrong.

Sadly, she seemed to have a thing for the Appliance Worm (as Pif privately thought of Srral), a nonstarter relationship if ever there was one.

Glessin had never been anything but polite to Pif, to anyone on board, but Pif felt wary around him and knew that some of the others did, too.

Actually, now that Pif thought about it, maybehe didn’t look all that human.

It had been only a few years since Pif had seen the same look on his own sire’s face, proud and hopeful, when he’d told him about being hired to run.

Brad shifted queasily, and across the cabin, Glessin closed his eyes, Pif scowling as the sound became obnoxiously loud—and then it was gone entirely, the ship running smoothly once more, presumably skimming down through the planet’s night sky.