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a. Of or relating to a kind of ignition, used in portable camping stoves etc., where pressing a button causes a small spring-loaded hammer to strike a crystal of PZT or quartz, creating a voltage which ignites the gas.


"Piezo", derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, is a prefix used in:

  • Piezoelectricity
  • Piezoresistive effect
  • Piezometer
  • Piezo ignition
  • Piezoelectric sensor
  • Piezoelectric loudspeakers
  • Piezo Audio Amplifier
  • Micro Piezo print head technology

Usage examples of "piezo".

The piezo crystal in her waist pouch, still hidden in the shadows of her table, had been activated, and had brought into focus within the room the dim, transparent outlines of a small space ship.

Guerrero, the structural integrity of the antenna booms can dampen out the low frequency platform jitter and the higher jitter the piezo electric system can handle.

The piezo crystal of his walk-through was steadily getting further away from the optimum frequency.