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n. (plural of pie English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pie)

Usage examples of "pies".

Oatmeal Cookies, Karo Syrup Easy Caramel Popcorn, or any of the five pecan pies on various other packages.

New York and, using the Swiss Army knife and Sierra cups without which we never traveled more than a few feet from our apartment in those days, made quick and thankful work of the pies, bread, and Scotch.

The medieval French were great pie loversalways meat pies, never fresh fruitand the Normans took pie along when they conquered Britain in 1066.

At the height of summer you will bake sumptuous fruit pies packed with wild blueberries, peaches, or fresh sour cherries, all picked at their finest hour.

Individually frozen sour cherries can make fine pies year-round, but most frozen cherries are shipped only to supermarkets in midwestern states, where cherry pie is king.

His subjects were well behaved, but they had one sad fault: they were too fond of pies and tarts.

Pray what would Thanksgiving amount to, they inquired, with no pumpkin pies, no baked beans, no molasses cake, no proper sweetening for the rum so freely used in those days?

The odour of the pumpkin pies naturally interested her, and she proceeded to lick up the delicious creamy filling of one after another with great zest.

The vegetables were cooked to rags, the pies were charcoal shells, and the pudding had not been made.

New modes of elaborating squash pies and quince tarts were now ofttimes carefully discussed at the evening firesides by Aunt Lois and Aunt Keziah, and notes seriously compared with the experiences of certain other aunties of high repute in such matters.

But it is to be confessed that, when the good man got carried away by the enthusiasm of his subject to extend these exercises beyond a certain length, anxious glances, exchanged between good wives, sometimes indicated a weakness of the flesh, having a tender reference to the turkeys and chickens and chicken pies which might possibly be overdoing in the ovens at home.

Aunt Kittredge was accustomed to overwhelm Clorinda when she burned the pies or wore her best bonnet to evening meeting.

Caspar said as he returned the plate, with ten of the eleven pies remaining.

Gertrude is a poisoner, those pies were meant for my friends Jane, Michael, and Maeve.

The plate of mince pies, wrapped now in a polythene evidence bag, was carried from the kitchen in triumph.