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Usage examples of "pieds".

The Pieds Nus want equal time with the Naturists despite the fact their colony is about one percent the size of the Naturist -community.

One from the Federation Ethnic Equality Foundation which instinct told her to put off as long as she could, and one from the Pieds Nus which had better wait until she figured out exactly who they were .

The note to Pieds Nus taken care of, she switched back to her personal list and added a few new items with suggested deadlines.

Who did this jerk think he was, trying to soften her into increasing the Pieds Nus allotment with cheap flattery and hints that he might share his collection of rare early music?

You and your boyfriend from Pieds Nus are continually disrupting our tube!

Le lambris est tout en sculpture vernissé de verd, et chargé de dragons dorez: les colonnes qui soutiennent le toit en dedans sont de six à sept pieds de circonférence par le bas: elles sont incrustées d'une espèce de pâte enduite d'un vernis rouge.

Since Federation regulations allow each asteroid settlement five minutes of central broadcast time every three shifts, and the population of Pieds Nus is entitled as you say to three minutes every four shifts, clearly our total broadcast allocation should be five in three plus three in four, which is too complicated to figure out, so why don't we just say that it's eight minutes every three shifts.

Elaine had looked up some data on Pieds Nus while she was off-shift, and it seemed to be an extremely strange place indeed, with botanical life forms actively encouraged all over the place and a population per cubic meter that was so low she'd thought at first the computer had misplaced a decimal point .

If you have any vacation coming up, would you like to come to Pieds Nus?

I guess we'll just have to come up with some other way for you to get to Pieds Nus.

If I'd been here when that idiot from Pieds Nus brought it in, I'd never have let him just leave it.

Mining Pieds Nus while we hollowed it out paid off our initial colony start-up debt to Earth, but since then we've chosen to use as much of our space as possible for public parks like this one, instead of cramming it with zero-g manufacturing bubbles and telecommuting offices.