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''For the 2002 Spanish film, see Piedras.

Piedras is a town and municipality in the Tolima department of Colombia. The population of the municipality was 4,421 as of the 1993 census.

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Piedras (Buenos Aires Underground)

Piedras is a station on Line A of the Buenos Aires Underground. It is located underneath the Avenida de Mayo in the neighbourhood of Monserrat and one of its entrances is located next to the famous Café Tortoni.

Usage examples of "piedras".

The display showed each of the six ships, their relationship to the cause of all this, Islas Piedras, the Soviet submarines, and the two aircraft, just dots well to the right of the formation, moving toward their targets.

Ambassador did not have all the military facts about Islas Piedras nor was he even aware of the new weapon to silence the Russian spy satellites.

He will state that Islas Piedras is a Trident submarine base established in a hitherto free sector of the world, that it is an invasion of the Third World, and an aggressive action that must be halted.

Islas Piedras and that military action will simply be a provocation to all-out war.

Islas Piedras, but I do know that Washington will be trying to convince the world that it is nothing but a replenishment base, similar to Holy Loch in Scotland.

Islas Piedras as a major base since the Russians moved into the Maldives.

I think you can feel comfortable in emphasizing to the President, if necessary, that this weapon is still purely strategic, and has not been established on Islas Piedras as an offensive weapon to start another war.

The Chairman had shown proof that the United States was finishing a base for Trident submarines at Islas Piedras that would be a threat to not only the Asian subcontinent but Africa as well.

While they knew he was strong, they thought he might be essentially ignorant of Islas Piedras and the military situation, thereby making statements or commitments that could be to their advantage.

We have been able to hold theirs off also, within reason, but I think the only way we can keep the Americans from Islas Piedras is by meeting them directly.

Then, after they talked for a few minutes, he requested a detailed report of the entire plans for Islas Piedras from its inception to ensure he had been given full access to all information prior to giving his approval.

He explained how Islas Piedras had been conceived, by whom, and what the purposes were at the time.

Islas Piedras, and their only information at this point is that speech from Moscow.

Islas Piedras, the losses on both sides, and the necessary tactics they wanted Collier and Simpson to undertake.

They must get on to that island and show the world that Islas Piedras was not yet complete, that it was time for the Americans to shrink -back within their own continent.