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For the UK whistleblowing law see Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

PIDA is an open source IDE written in the Python language, which is designed to coalesce different software development tools to provide a seamless workflow for programmers. The authors describe this as "a framework for integrated development". PIDA focuses entirely on reusing Gold Standard development tools, and aiming to never reinvent wheels.

Pida (moth)

'Pida ' is a genus of moths in the family Lymantriidae.

PIDA (polymer)

PIDA, or poly(diiododiacetylene), is an organic polymer that has a polydiacetylene backbone. It is one of the simplest polydiacetylenes that has been synthesized, having only iodine atoms as side chains. It is created by 1,4 topochemical polymerization of diiodobutadiyne. It has many implications in the field of polymer chemistry as it can be viewed as a precursor to other polydiacetylenes by replacing iodine atoms with other side chains using organic synthesis, or as an iodinated form of the carbon allotrope carbyne.