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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a picky/fussy eater (=someone who will only eat a few particular things, and is difficult to please)
▪ My son’s a very picky eater, and only eats bread and peanut butter.
▪ At these prices, one can hardly be picky.
▪ Dinner's fine, but it's on me, as long as you don't get picky and expect anything too complicated.
▪ I get really finicky and picky.
▪ Ralph, though, was in no position to be picky.
▪ The child may be a very picky eater; for example, refusing anything but peanut butter sandwiches and macaroni.
▪ This time you are going to be very picky.
▪ With more than 60 museums from which to choose, visitors to Paris must be picky.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1867, from pick (v.) + -y (2). Related: Pickiness. The earliest recorded uses are in reference to eating.


a. fussy; particular; demanding to have things just right. n. (context informal English) A picture.

  1. adj. marked by extreme care in treatment of details; "a meticulous craftsman"; "almost worryingly meticulous in his business formalities" [syn: meticulous]

  2. [also: pickiest, pickier]

Usage examples of "picky".

And only the truly picky would have pointed out that the sheen on her hair was looking rather dull in places, and that the makeup around her mouth was smeared.

PMS and a family of picky eaters --rude, picky eaters -- and dirty dishes waiting.

Dunkirk and Ostend against Dutch shipping, and the Dunkirkers are none too picky about their targets.

She might not have cared, for the Seelie are pickier about the fey they call lovers.

Already considering her own marriage prospects, Tasia flirted with the young men, though she would no doubt be even pickier than her father.

I guess the discovery of a severed head in the kitchen has a way of putting off your pickier eaters.

A fire pit stood at the other end, and since Bear was pickier than most, he had a smoke hole about as big around as a persimmon in the roof above it.

Many newsstand managers have also become pickier, sometimes refusing to display magazines that fall below a certain circulation figure-again, a figure usually higher than that of most genre magazines.

Fortunately, rockfish were tasty and they werent as picky about what and when they ate as salmon were.

It is a shame I cannot grind it up and feed it to my ion engines, but the ion engines are picky about what they eat.

She figures that he's just being picky, and she sends three of her kinkiest girls, and maybe a skinny little guy, just for laughs, to Franco's suite to see if they can't tempt him into making an on-the-spot decision.

Behind him, Brandon Camberbridge had been roving restlessly around the cottage, fussy and picky, not only a nellie but a nervous nellie, his reflection flickering across the glass in front of Wylie like the ghost of Franklin Pangborn, but now he came forward to present his fretful profile to Wylie as he also looked out at the lake.

His narrow features might have been called handsome by someone less picky about character, even if his skin was powder blue.

For that matter, even Manticoran couriers were often picky as hell about the degree of remote access they granted Astro Control.

Higgs's Obsessedness as to Loose Ends, becoming many of them quite picky indeed, scrutinizing the Rigging, often whilst fifty feet up in its Midst, for unsightly Dribblings of Stockholm Tar, Hooks too carelessly mous'd, fray'd Throat-Seizing among the Dead-eyes.