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n. (plural of pick English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pick)

Usage examples of "picks".

There was no faith here, Faith needed familiar surroundings, the props of culture Here there were only swinging picks and rumbling machinery and sloshing concrete and the clatter of tools and the wheezing of troffies.

The central analyzer picks the duplicate out of the files for that name and date.

A dark, watery hole glimmered where the ice had been chopped apart by picks and axes to free it.

I stop, and watch as a man picks idly through a box of coverless volumes and takes one up.

If thoughts were hammers or picks I should have been free, ten thousand times over.

Other trucks, from Schofield, arrived simultaneously and unloaded piles of picks and shovels and axes, sacks of cement and mortar hoes.

His tools were neatly lined up: a pair of needle-nose pliers, two ice picks, a knife, a ruler, a container of glycerin, and loops of cane held together with clothespins.

She had done extremely well in Flaps and Seals as well as Picks and Locks, and had scored high marks in the Essentials of Recruitment and Advanced Ciphers and Communist Theory and Practice.