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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Picea \Pic"e*a\, n. [L., the pitch pine, from pix, picis, pitch.] (Bot.) A genus of coniferous trees of the northen hemisphere, including the Norway spruce and the American black and white spruces. These trees have pendent cones, which do not readily fall to pieces, in this and other respects differing from the firs.


Usage examples of "picea".

She could see forest below her and identified Sesquoiadendron giganteum and Cryptomeria japonica, together with members of Cedrus and Picea.

The dwarf trees he had spotted were actually members of ordinary species, mostly white spruce, Picea glauca, which in these harsh conditions miniaturized on their own, contouring into the protected spaces they sprouted in.

I switched to the databases for Picea pungens, Pinus sylvestris, and a dozen other species.