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Piave (river)

The Piave is a river in northern Italy. It begins in the Alps and flows southeast for into the Adriatic Sea near the city of Venice. One of its tributaries is the Boite.

In 1809 it was the scene of a battle during the Napoleonic Wars, in which Franco-Italian and Austrian forces clashed.

In 1918, during World War I, it was the scene of Battle of the Piave River, the last major Austro-Hungarian attack on the Italian Front, which failed. The Battle of the Piave was the decisive battle of World War I on the Italian Front. The river is thus called in Italy Fiume Sacro alla Patria (Sacred River of the Homeland) and is mentioned in the patriotic song " La leggenda del Piave".


Piave can refer to:

  • Francesco Maria Piave (1810–1876), Italian librettist and composer
  • Piave cheese
  • Piave (river), in north Italy
  • Battle of Piave River (1809), a May 1809 battle of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Battle of the Piave River, a June 1918 battle of World War I
  • 10 Motorised Division Piave, an Italian division of World War II