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Piat may refer to:

  • PIAT, Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank - an anti-tank weapon
  • Piat, Cagayan, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Saint Piatus (Piat, Piato, Piaton)
  • Church of Saint-Piat, in Tournai

Usage examples of "piat".

To stop tanks, he had only the Piat guns, one per platoon, and the Gammon bombs.

Parr picked it up, tripped over some ammunition, sprawled, got up again, and discovered the barrel of the Piat had bent.

Parr threw it down, grabbed some ammunition, and returned to the CP to tell Howard that the Piat was kaput.

He felt confident that Thornton was at the top of his form, totally alert, not the least bothered by the darkness or the hour, and that Thornton was fully proficient in the use of a Piat, that he knew precisely where he should hit the lead tank to knock it out.

The explosion from the Piat bomb penetrated the tank, setting off the machine-gun clips, which started setting off grenades, which started setting off shells.