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Piast (disambiguation)

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Usage examples of "piast".

She was painted red and white, with gold and black trim, and a big white Piast eagle was painted on her side, just like the one on the back of the dress uniform.

Count Lambert had elected to have his balloon colored red-and-white, the colors of the Piast family and later those of Poland.

Once he is feeling better, if I can serve his excellency, I shall be at Piast Castle.

It had red-and-white vertical stripes and a huge white Piast eagle on a red shield sewn on its side.

He demanded that I duplicate the system at both Piast Castle in Wroclaw and Wawel Castle in Cracow.

Take a good look at these women, Sir Frederick, then go back to Piast Castle and tell the castellan that I want all the serving wenches at the castle looking the same way when I get back.

Sir Conrad Stargard, promise to come to the aid of my liege lord, Count Lambert Piast, if ever he or the people on his land are oppressed.

Count Lambert Piast, promise to defend my vassal, Sir Conrad Stargard, to the best of my ability.

The exiled court stayed for less than a week in the ancient Piast castle.

Founded in the Twelfth Century, and, during the Piast period, the seat of the appanaged Dukes of Masovia, Warszawa, replaced Cracow as the residence of the Polish kings and therefore as the capital of Poland, on the election of Sigismund III.

She usually went back to the battle of Liegnitz, in which a duke of the glorious house of Piast met his death while turning back the Mongols.