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phys ed

alt. physical education n. physical education

Usage examples of "phys ed".

All of this was an act of pure impulse, the missile sought for, found, and thrown before she had time to ensure the failure of the shot by reflecting on how unlikely it was that a woman who had gotten a D in the archery mod of her two-year college phys ed requirement could possibly hit a dog with an ashtray, especially when the dog was fifteen feet away and the hand she was throwing with happened to be handcuffed to a bedpost.

He was wearing only a pair of cotton shorts (YALE PHYS ED Was printed on one leg) and a quilted oven-mitt.

I had to play in phys ed classes and I used to shoot baskets with some dumbshit little kid at one of the foster homes, but that's about it.

She knew this couldn't last forever, but she didn't know if she could just go back to being a Phys Ed teacher again once it was over, and she knew she didn't want to.

He had one close friend: a boy named Tim Bergstrom, now a phys ed teacher at San Berdoo High.