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Phos is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks.

Usage examples of "phos".

Iakovitzes, the blue-robed priest of Phos jerked violently, as if a bee had stung him.

One day, when Phos the lord of the great and good mind judges us worthy, we shall reclaim them.

Phos-guarded Avtokrator Anthimos, from the beginning of our reign we have taken a great deal of care and concern for the common good of affairs, we have been equally concerned to protect well the state which Phos the lord of the great and good mind has granted us.

He had never imagined houses and shops and golden-domed temples to Phos stretching as far as the eye could reach.

But whether it is for good or evil, from Phos or Skotos or neither, I would not begin to guess.

The sternly beautiful gaze of the mosaic image of Phos in the dome there never failed to fill him with awe.

He barely remembered to ask Phos to help Iakovitzes in his talks with Lexo, which was why he had come to the temple in the first place.

Let us thank Phos the Lord of the great and good mind for delivering us for another year, and let us celebrate that deliverance the whole day long.

This is the chalice from which the assembled prelates of Phos drank together in ritual renunciation of Skotos at the great synod not long after the High Temple was built.

Krispos was not the only one who glanced over to see how the Emperor would respond to a prayer that as much as said Phos had to be patient to put up with his whims.

Krispos murmured two prayers to Phos, one for his own safety and the other that Anthimos would sleep late.

High Temple, intending to ask the first priest he saw to beseech Phos to protect him.

Though Phos will vanquish Skotos in the end, the dark god still ranges free in the world.

Petronas, and yield your hair in token of submission to Phos, the Lord with the great and good mind.

He prayed, first in Videssian and then in the Vaspurakaner tongue to Vaspur the Firstborn, the first man Phos ever created.