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n. (context acoustics English) A unit of apparent loudness, equal in number to the intensity in decibels of a 1,000-hertz tone judged to be as loud as the sound being measured.


n. a unit of subjective loudness


The phon is a unit of loudness level for pure tones. Its purpose is to compensate for the effect of frequency on the perceived loudness of tones. The phon was proposed in DIN 45631 and ISO 532 B by S. S. Stevens.

Phon (disambiguation)

Phon may mean:

  • Phon, the unit of loudness
  • Phon District, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

Usage examples of "phon".

I meant, and convey my thanks to Son Won Phon when you get the chance.

Since then, Jim had heard Son Won Phon had advanced rapidly in rank, also that he would be the Observer for the Collegiate in its determination of whether to admit Jim from the apprentice ranks into Collegiate membership as a fully qualified Magickian.

Son Won Phon was at least three fully qualified ranks above Jim by now.

Magickian was Son Won Phon, I thought he would want to know more about it, before he went to work.

He tried again, putting extra energy into the call, on the chance that the lack of an answer came from the fact Son Won Phon was probably on the other side of the world.

Ignore the fact that Son Won Phon would not let him know how he had tried to do it.

Possibly, that was the reason even experienced Magickians like Son Won Phon did not offer to share their methods.

Son Won Phon had suggested a reason when he told Jim that if magick failed, it was never the fault of the magick itself, but of the Magickian.

Neither Son Won Phon with his magick, nor he with his theory, had been wrong.

When that was done, he called Son Won Phon, the same way he was used to calling Carolinus and Kinetete.

As I say, Son Won Phon has gathered a number of like minds in the magicians to his point of view.

I was able to take and win the test I had with Son Won Phon, simply because his statement could be read as an insult to me, rather than an accusation of you.

But from the point of view of the arguments Son Won Phon is mounting now, it was unwise.

Jim could handle the Son Won Phon situation, a question had come to life in the back of his mind.

Simply put, the fact now was that he had to come up with some way of stopping Son Won Phon, along with whoever among the magicians were agreeing with him.