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n. 1 (context informal uncountable English) The drug phenobarbital or phenobarbitone. 2 (context informal countable English) A tablet of the drug.

Usage examples of "phenobarb".

Are no longer giving Phenobarb because parents insist it causes diarrhea shortly after administration.

I gave him a one-grain tab of phenobarb to kind of quiet him down, like.

I tried to calm him down and finally had the nurse give him some phenobarb, all the time explaining that the name had slipped out and I was sorry.

Couple of the long-lasting phenobarb suppositories, some Triavil, maybe some Valium mixed in, to keep the muscles relaxed.

He had gotten up and eaten another phenobarb, and while he was so stoned he could hardly move, he was no way about to sleep, and he needed that, bad.

I thought so, phenobarb, you give that to attenuate the withdrawal symptoms.