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Phayao is a town ( thesaban mueang) in northern Thailand, capital of Phayao Province. The town is divided into the sub-districts of Mae Tam and Wiang, tambon of Mueang Phayao District.

The town is on the shore of the Phayao Lake. It dates back to the semi-independent city-state ( mueang), founded between 900-1,000 years ago.

As of 2005 Phayao had a population of 19,118. Phayao lies 726 km north of Bangkok.

Phayao (disambiguation)

Phayao may refer to:

  • Phayao, capital of Phayao Province, Thailand
  • Phayao Province, Thailand
  • Amphoe Mueang Phayao or Mueang Phayao District, capital district of Phayao Province, Thailand
  • Phayao lake an artificial lake in northern Thailand, bordering on the town Phayao