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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Want to coax the big pharmaceuticals companies to produce that malaria drug?
▪ Brewers also met downgradings and Bass closed 8p lower at 563p but pharmaceuticals rallied.
▪ But when a pharmaceuticals firm wants to launch a drug, James Dettore often tops the list of people to contact.
▪ Ciba predicts Program will have sales of about $ 400 million this year -- outselling most of its human pharmaceuticals.
▪ Since then his fleet has swelled from 28 to 125, advertising products as disparate as detergent, pharmaceuticals and fans.
▪ The most likely incremental reforms include insurance premium caps and price controls on hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals.

n. (plural of pharmaceutical English)

Usage examples of "pharmaceuticals".

That's the only reason Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals wouldn't want a premature announcement of our tests.

Luc figured Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals wouldn't be bringing in outsiders for this experiment.

She'd offered to resign from Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals and set up her own private lab.

Making some swift mental calculations on how long it would take him to shower, shave, and get on over to Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals, he rubbed his bristly face and realized that he must not have shaved in days.

Any work done on Terrebonne Pharmaceuticals property belongs to the company," Henderson proclaimed.

As Victor Tremont, COO of Blanchard Pharmaceuticals, stood on his deck in the vast Adirondack State Park looking west, in his mind's eye he could see the map: stretching from Vermont on the east nearly to Lake Ontario on the west, Canada on the north to just above Albany on the south, some six million acres of lush public and private lands rose from rushing rivers and thousands of lakes to forty-six rugged peaks that towered more than four thousand feet above the Adirondack flatlands.

Ten years ago he had moved Blanchard Pharmaceuticals into a redbrick complex he had ordered built in the forest near Long Lake village.

Tremont meant contacts and campaign contributions and a big chunk of Blanchard Pharmaceuticals stock, an unbeatable combination in this high-priced political age.

He's CEO and chairman of Blanchard Pharmaceuticals, a large international biomedical company.

But right now, I want Nancy and Jesse to go to this Blanchard Pharmaceuticals and check it out.

He looked right and left to view the sprawling, heavily landscaped industrial complex that was Blanchard Pharmaceuticals, as if to reassure himself that it was all there.

But when he had seen the news story about the president's honoring Blanchard Pharmaceuticals and the orders that were rolling in for the serum, he had known he had to return to make certain he received his fair share.

Finally on the screen appeared the logo and name of Blanchard Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mercer Haldane, former chairman of Blanchard Pharmaceuticals, who, at least on paper, appears to be one of the heinous conspirators?

Chek Pharmaceuticals was one of the leading providers of medicinal drugs to the Ferengi Alliance.