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Phan may refer to:

  • Phan (surname), a Vietnamese family name
  • Phan District, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand
  • Phan River, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam
  • Phan (tray), a tray with a pedestal, used often for ritual offerings
Phan (tray)

Phan is an artistically decorated tray with a pedestal common in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

Usage examples of "phan".

Then Phan had started spraying the room with Uzi fire and the whore had ducked under the table.

Demise slouched across the empty lot beside it, Phan Lo two steps behind him and to his left.

The day was overcast, but Phan wore dark Blues Brothers sunglasses all the same.

Demise stood and followed Phan out through the kicked-in front door and up the steps to the midnight-dark street.

Small and tightly built, Phan was barefoot, yet wore clean dark clothes and an expensive diamond pinky ring.

Sam could interrogate Phan further, a scream, very female and long, cut through the jungle like a machete.

They said their ranger battalion had been cut off and destroyed by Communist troops south of Phan Rang.

Vietnam Air Force or planes captured on the ground up north when Phan Thiet and its air base were taken.

They stopped briefly in Ham Tan, and then they pressed on to Phan Rang and Cam Ranh, and then they could hear gunfire in the distance.

At least one of him was dead: Phan lay beheaded in a spreading pool of blood.

We left the office to gather our belongings and try to bum a ride to Phan Rang, where our school was located.

The flight to Phan Rang was uneventful except for the turbulence the old C-123 seemed to go out of its way to find.

For some reason known only to Seventh Air Force and Saigon, our assignments were also awaiting us at Phan Rang.

Tommy Phan coming home in his brand-new car to find a strange little doll lying on his doorstep.

From Ygr and Ib came a thousand years of begettings and chaos and wars of elements, until Qas who was light and Mur who was darkness, persuaded their brother-gods Phan the sun and Thael the earth to part.