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n. (plural of petrel English)

Usage examples of "petrels".

The only specimens of quadrupeds, birds, fish and cetacea were a few wild boars, stormy petrels, albatrosses, perch and seals.

Hence we can understand, bearing in mind that each organic being is trying to live wherever it can live, how it has arisen that there are upland geese with webbed feet, ground woodpeckers, diving thrushes, and petrels with the habits of auks.

Pacific Ocean, faunas of Paley, on no organ formed to give pain Pallas, on the fertility of the wild stocks of domestic animals Paraguay, cattle destroyed by flies Parasites Partridge, dirt on feet Parts greatly developed, variable, degrees of utility of Parus major Passiflora Peaches in United States Pear, grafts of Pelargonium, flowers of, sterility of Peloria Pelvis of women Period, glacial Petrels, habits of Phasianus, fertility of hybrids Pheasant, young, wild Pictet, Prof.

Outward bound, and off the pitch of Cape Horn, he used to sit on the taffrail, and keep the steward loading three or four old fowling pieces, with which he would bring down albatrosses, Cape pigeons, jays, petrels, and divers other marine fowl, who followed chattering in our wake.

Terns, gulls, and petrels, all hinds of sea birds frequent this sanctuary, and its porch is cooled by the continual fanning of their wings still moist from the sea.

Flocks of terns and petrels took to the skies in panic, adding to the confusion, while flying foxes glided madly from tree to tree, seeking refuge from the noise, fire, and general chaos.