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n. (plural of petal English)

Petals (TV series)

Petals is an Australian children's animated television programme produced and created by Mark Barnard and aired on the ABC. It ran from 1998 to 1999 consisting a total of two seasons and 55 episodes and was aimed at pre-school children aged 2–6. After it ended in 1999, the series was still continued to be repeated on the ABC and ABC1 until 23 January 2004.

Usage examples of "petals".

One hand seemed only just to have dropped a dark red rose, its petals blowsily open and near to tailing, and she was as wet as if she had been out in the storm.

Jeweltongue kissed her, and Lionheart reached out a hand and just stroked the silky petals of a pale pink rose with one finger.

Beauty rescued, half open, and brought indoors, where they sal dejectedly in a vase, too weary of the struggle to finish opening, their petals brown-edged and soon falling.

It had opened slowly and was now a huge flat cupful of darkest red petals, and its perfume filled the little house.

Beauty walked on opened fiat, their golden stamens showing in the centre of but a dozen or so gracefully curved petals which were pink-tipped and cream-hearted .

And the petals she became were just as fresh as the petals the greenwitch had gathered many years ago to work her spell.

When the petals begin to fall, then take thought of your promise, for I will be dying.

She watched her son sniffing and picking at the petals, so gently they barely stirred under his hands.

But his father only blinked down at the petals as if he finally saw the pattern in them.

Painted in weathered yellow on the door was an ancient Hold Sign: the Gold King, with his furious, sun-round face and fiery petals of hair, imprisoned by the seven stars that formed the Dark House.

Flames flared high above his head, closed like the petals of a burning flower.

When two thicknesses of sheer material are used for halo brims a very pretty effect is obtained by placing flat flowers, petals of flowers, or feathers between the two materials.

Pinning the petals in place before sewing them is of great value, otherwise they are apt to slip back on the stem as they are being sewed.

Begin the rose by cutting three petals like the illustration, with the bias edge one and one-half inches long.

The three small petals should be arranged around the covered loop of wire and pinned in place before sewing.