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Sir, you nose very well that evere persun must luk furst at ome, and sartenly such anuther offar mite not have ever hapned, so as I shud ave bin justly to blam, had I not excepted of it when her lashipp was so veri kind as to offar to mak mee hur one uman without mi ever askin any such thing, to be sur shee is won of thee best ladis in thee wurld, and pepil who sase to the kontrari must bee veri wiket pepil in thare harts.

AirMages showed up, six of them, each partnered with a Persun who stored Flair.

The Persun sucked in a loud breath as the energy from the fire being snuffed pulsed through the AirMage to be stored by him and later released constructively, to Heal or mend buildings or farm.

When Sebastian and Persun had seen that all of them could walk, they went to listen outside the car while Roald messaged for help.