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personal life

n. The part of an individual's life regarded as private and separate from his or her persona; private life.

Personal life

Personal life is the course of an individual's life, especially when viewed as the sum of personal choices contributing to one's personal identity.

Personal Life (album)

Personal Life is the fifth album from the Portland-based indie rock band The Thermals. The album was released on September 7, 2010, on Kill Rock Stars. It is the first to feature current drummer Westin Glass, who joined after the completion of 2009's Now We Can See.

As the album was recorded and mixed on analog tape, and mastered for vinyl without digital processes, the vinyl edition boasts a SPARS code of AAA.

The first single from the album to be released was "I Don't Believe You". The music video features Sleater-Kinney member Carrie Brownstein and Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock. "Never Listen to Me" and "Not Like Any Other Feeling" were the other singles.

Usage examples of "personal life".

How could he exist in this clean, dry, monotonous, ordinary room, gobbling caramel soycorn and zucchini cheese puffs and addling his brain on spirituous liquors and brooding on the total fiasco that was his personal life, while the entire human race was kakking out?

He wanted to know whether, given the pain and all the issues about my personal life, “.

The big papers had been camping out in Arkansas for weeks, looking for whatever they could find on my record and my personal life.

Most people thought I had been dishonest in my personal life but remained credible on public issues.

I wouldn't dream of interfering in Skeeve's personal life before or after we're married, any more than I'd expect him to interfere in mine.

At that point in my life I thought that work was more important than having a personal life.

I know only that it became a struggle for me to find the right balance between secrets of internal richness and those of hidden fears and shame, and that I was always reluctant to discuss with anyone the most difficult parts of my personal life, including a major spiritual crisis I had at the age of thirteen, when my faith was too weak to sustain a certain belief in God in the face of what I was witnessing and going through.

So, if one of their undoubted political champions chose to behave badly in some aspects of his personal life, Jackson would look the other way.

Yet he realized that the captain's normal reservations concerning his personal life did not extend to him, just as he understood that the reverse was also true.

There, in 1970, he started teaching a class in how to apply psychology to personal life.

This sound advice not only led to my dealing successfully with many rain delays, but also in dealing with other aspects of my professional and personal life.

He then delegates most of his administrative duties and spends much of his remaining life developing a theory and structure of Management intended to rationalize and stabilize government, business, and personal life.

Apparently Haber was not quite such a fat cat as he had seemed, for he had clearly found out a little something about my personal life before I showed up in his office.

It had been the idea of her friend Callandra Daviot, and Callandra had provided the initial funds before events in her personal life had taken her out of London.