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Perrozompopo is the artistic name of Nicaraguan songwriter Ramón Armando Mejía Fitoria. He belongs to a generation of ideological and social changes that profoundly marked the compass of his work. War, poverty, the martyrs, the bullet from dictatorship, men and women missing children, marginalization, the church, silence, corruption, children, music, the guitar army, the car and the bus thief, the silent face of so many people from the countryside, the lack of letters and desks, friends, love, disappointment, and the ideas that still exist beneath the cobblestones, are mixed with the music copyright, rock, the ballad, rap, reggae, Latin American and other influences, given geography to this new urban music-tance, is also the result of all these transformations and experiences of Nicaraguans; a lost generation.

The video clip "Rivers of People", led by Marvin Murillo, was selected as the best video clip in the recently concluded XVI Shows Film and Video Costarricense. Murillo, who was also responsible for the screenplay and post-production, stressed that it is a video that has "talent ment and technical talent" and thanked the support of the AVINA Foundation for producing the Papaya Music label video.

The video clip was made in Nicaragua with a photo of Gustavo Brenes and production of Avella Karina and Martha Clarissa Hernandez.

The audiovisual raises the history of Nicaraguan families as one family gathers around the portrait of a family member who has been forced to emigrate, thus completing the family group.

Sample Film and Video Costarricense is organized every year by the Costa Rican Film Production Center of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Perrozompopo is considered one of the most important exponents of the Nicaraguan rock and pop scene. In Costa Rica, he is well known for his two albums, Breaking the Silence and I Want You to Know, which were recorded in mid-2007 under the Papaya Music label.

Perrozompopo played at the concert organized by Deine Stimme gegen Armut in Rostock, Germany, during the G8 Summit 2007 in Heiligendamm. He was also a Latin Grammy Award nominatee for "Best Alternative Music Album" for “Canciones Populares Constetatarias” (CPC).

He is the nephew of singer and composer Carlos Mejia Godoy and brother of salsa-singer and composer Luis Enrique.