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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

American English police slang shortening of perpetrator (as in perp walk); by 1940s.


a. (context architecture English) (abbreviation of perpendicular English) n. (context slang law enforcement English) perpetrator.


p53 apoptosis effector related to PMP-22 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PERP gene.

PERP is a direct transcriptional target of p53.

Usage examples of "perp".

Behind them, the twenty or so annuitants who worked under me had formed two lines, a cordon for my perp walk.

The perp was a secretor, and from his sperm they determined he had AB blood.

I knew how frustrated Dad was, for example, that some of the highest-profile white-collar perps remained unindicted years after their scandals erupted.

I laid some brass on the deck with a perp in a Chinatown alleyway, then I went swimming ninety feet underwater, then was point on a takedown team.

The Social Harmony man had instructed him to give little lectures on the interoperability of Eurasian positronics and the insidious dangers thereof, but all Arturo wanted to do was pick up his perps and bring them in.

All of the big quakes and aftershocks are noted, those are the public ones, the ones the perps know.

I had a trainer at the police academy who described a perp grabbing her hoop earrings and ripping them out.

Actually, there was no need for Flaherty to be there for a murder where the perp was so obvious.

What Tom and Kara had done, while lifting a handful of relatively insignificant stones -- if those were their real names, if indeed they were the actual perps -- was a simultaneous ransacking of the contents of her heart.

I studied runes in college, but the perps used all the runes in a pretty standard order.

Apparently this actually works to some degree, for police in many lands are now complaining that local arrestees are insisting on having their Miranda rights read to them, just like perps in American TV cop shows.

Fly free, little birds—the records you so thoughtfully bounced all over the sector are all we need to convict these perps, wrap them up, and stick them where they have to pump in daylight.

There was also the off chance that some perp got picked up with Rubin's buprenorphine.

At a scene where a perp kills one victim and abducts another there'd be enough evidence to make a movie of who did what to whom and probably what each member of the cast had been doing for the last twenty-four hours.

This is the same way Rhyme urged her to imagine herself as the perp at crime scenes.