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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ You're awfully perky this morning, Debbie.
▪ Ashworth is certainly out-going and in-thinking, a perky televisual subject.
▪ He couldn't stand Margaret when she was in one of her perky moods.
▪ He gave the impression of a perky little high school speaking champ who had just won his first debate.
▪ He sounded like a perky little old man.
▪ Nothing in the script, or Auteuil's perky, craggy face can really tell us.
▪ Steinhardt strayed from pitch in the perky finale of K. 160; cellist David Soyer nibbled at notes.
▪ Then, once we got to McDougal Road, he was perky and wanted to talk.
▪ What happens is big, manly chords nuzzled up to perky little hooks that can start the most disaffected wall-huggers dancing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Perky \Perk"y\, a. Perk; pert; jaunty; trim.

There amid perky larches and pines.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1820, from perk (v.) + -y (2). Of young women's breasts since at least 1937. Related: Perkily; perkiness.\n


a. 1 lively or enthusiastic. 2 Standing upright; firm.

  1. adj. characterized by liveliness and light-heartedness; "buoyant spirits"; "his quick wit and chirpy humor"; "looking bright and well and chirpy"; "a perky little widow in her 70s" [syn: buoyant, chirpy]

  2. [also: perkiest, perkier]


Perky may refer to:

  • Henry Perky (1843–1906), American lawyer, businessman
  • Kirtland I. Perky (1867–1939), American politician
  • Mary Cheves West Perky (1874–1940), American psychologist
  • Pinky and Perky, British children's television series

Usage examples of "perky".

He seated himself behind his desk and folded his hands together on its surface, then looked at Bursa with the perky, enquiring gaze he had found a useful tool for thirty years.

Amanda seemed happy, perky in a new Karen Millen and smelling faintly of expensively complimentary shampoos and unguents.

Sirius IX, or the aquatic monocellular intelligences of the perky little seventh planet of Aldebaran B, or whatever-the-fuck-else-civilizations the sci-fi writers like to imagine.

She had apparently donned an Early American push-up bra because her perky little breasts were forced together like two pattypan squash.

Trees lining the bank became dark and sullen, even the flowers which eternally sprouted from the vines lost their perky glimmer.

These films must now surely be oxidizing trendily in canisters lost deep within a Beverly Hills vault, calmly anticipating their perky reemergence into the world of the living as backdrop fodder in hip L.

The answering machine is on, and her perky voice trumpets a spring sale at Upsy Daisy.

Rebecca always left the business side of things to Perky, who in turn painted a far glossier picture of their financial situation than was actually the case.

Judge van der Poole had a goiter that rested on his bony neck like a perky second head, a fact which might have been easier to overlook if he did not have the habit of stroking it thoughtfully as he read the papers before him.

The smiling officials inside the hut were now wearing kitschy lederhosen shorts and perky hats as they greeted a visitor - but the gun-metal eyes were the same.

Unburdened by pie charts, statistics, or much else in the way of argument or evidence, the book is written in a tone of steady, murmuring apocalyptic dissent, with an occasional perky nod to a familiar neoliberal argument.

But, if and when the rain ceased, the canvas and ropes would dry and tighten and the pavilion would assume its proper perky shape all on its own.

Two well-formed tits bounced and bobbed from her chest as Tomar repeatedly lunged his fleshy sword between her perky buttocks.

Perky Pat, Valis did move among them, and bring life even to the frozen forms.

The vast bank of brochures against one wall seemed more appropriate for a tourist resort than a government office, and the brochures themselves were likewise colorful and sunny, promising services in perky catchphrases that were meant to make the alien seem reasonable.