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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
period piece
▪ an Edwardian period piece
▪ But the three females provide the material that makes Second Lives transcend the normal period piece.
▪ Lehrer, it turns out, was aiming all along for something more than a period piece.
period piece

n. 1 A work of art or drama which evokes a particular historical era 2 A work which evokes the era in which it was produced, but may not have any other especial features

period piece

n. any work of art whose special value lies in its evocation of a historical period

Period Piece (book)

Period Piece: A Cambridge Childhood is an autobiographical memoir by the English wood engraver Gwen Raverat covering her childhood in late 19th Century Cambridge society. The book includes anecdotes about and illustrations of many of her extended family (see Darwin–Wedgwood family).

As the author explains in the preface it is "a circular book" and although it begins with the meeting of her parents ( Sir George Darwin and Maud du Puy) and ends with Gwen as a student at The Slade, it is not written chronologically, but rather arranged in a series of fifteen themed chapters, each dealing with a particular aspects of life. The book is illustrated throughout with wood engravings by the author.

The book is dedicated to her cousin Frances Cornford.

It was originally published by Faber & Faber in 1952 in hardback and as a paperback in 1960. It was reviewed in The Times and by David Daiches in The Manchester Guardian

Period Piece has been translated into Danish (, 1980) and Swedish (, 1985).

Usage examples of "period piece".

Set in the early 17th century, _The Monk_ was a period piece even in 1796, yet it contains enough bad attitudes to raise a few hackles even today.

The first kitchen was a period piece in keeping with the overall decor, functional, but intended mainly for effect.

And I feel that I am looking at a period piece, a tableau of that innocent time before Vietnam.

One was a period piece, a daguerreotype of a faded-looking woman in the dress of the middle nineteenth century.

The desk was a cheap reproduction of an Early Exploration period piece.