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n. (plural of performer English)

Usage examples of "performers".

It was a dismal affair--that is, so far as the performers were concerned, and the clowns looked much more funny than they felt.

Good thing the other performers are not in the ring, or they would all be jealous of you.

Phil and Teddy were more than ordinarily interested in this act, for they were no mean performers on the rings themselves.

Strong slender ropes had been fastened to her heels, the other ends being held by one of the performers who was hanging from the rings.

Thus far everybody had been too much interested in the old lady with the trunk and the market basket to give a thought to the missing boy, though some of the performers found themselves wondering if he had closed with the show already.

As he swept past the laughing performers he was dangling in the air like a huge spider, both hands and one foot clawing the air in a desperate manner.

His head had been propped up on a saddle, while about him stood a half circle of solemn-faced performers in various stages of undress and makeup.

Jumbo, the trick mule of the show, out in the paddock, where the performers were indulging in various strange antics for the purpose of limbering themselves up prior to entering the ring for their acts.

You have seen the performers do it--bend forward until their hands touch the ground, legs stiff, then tipping as far backwards as possible.

Miaco said that in two more weeks they ought to be able to join the performers in their general tumbling act, which was one of the features of the show.

A trapeze act was on, and the four performers were swinging out on the flying rings.

The two other performers in the act had grabbed a rope and saved themselves.

London by the consummate skill of the performers that any attempt to beat the time would be justly considered as entirely needless.

It took place at the Schwartzenburg Palace, Vienna, on the 29th of April 1798, the performers being a body of dilettanti, with Haydn presiding over the orchestra.

The original performers of the principal characters in the play were the daughters of Frau Wette.