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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And natural fires are perforce suppressed.
▪ And the Cid should have gone with him, but he fell sick and perforce therefore abode at home.
▪ I paused also, perforce, being behind her.
▪ In these circumstances the critical historian was forced to be original, and literary history was perforce boldly innovative.
▪ New ways, he believed, must perforce be antagonistic to the photographic image.
▪ Now an elder statesman, ambition frustrated but perforce sated, he is positioned to tell a riveting story.
▪ Passengers had perforce to ride, and goods were carried on the backs of packhorses or mules.
▪ They must also, perforce, choose as parents those animals best able to cope with their new environment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Perforce \Per*force"\, adv. [F. par (L. per) + force.] By force; of necessary; at any rate.


Perforce \Per*force"\, v. t. To force; to compel. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., par force, from Old French par force (12c.), literally "by force" (see force). With Latin per substituted 17c. for French cognate par.


adv. 1 (context archaic English) By force. 2 Necessarily. vb. (context obsolete English) To force; to compel.


adv. by necessity; by force of circumstance


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Usage examples of "perforce".

Perforce Crockett seized the pick and began to chop anthracite out of the wall.

We marched northward, hoping to come upon a barracoon where slavers came, but they cut us off, and we turned due eastward perforce.

Adam sat at a large, round table with Poly and Canon Tallis and five other passengers, so that conversa tion was perforce general, and mostly about the weather.

THE ARM OF THE STARFISH Poly entered, taking Adam perforce along with her.

With the coach along, they were perforce obliged to take the roada longer, much more circuitous route than that cross-country one which, though much shorter, was passable for most of its length only to feet or hooves, and then so only in snowless seasons.

Prophecies made a hundred years ago, but whose roots ran far deeper in time than that, said so, almost clearly, only as darkly as any prophecy perforce must that describes the unlicked bear-cubs of time, still shapeless.

She waved a cluttered hand towards the centre of the hall and Claribel perforce followed its direction.

Wizard break the clouds, so that the Royal Hunt perforce took place in utter darkness.

Fifthorch spent as much time as he was spared from his apprenticeship at the general trade of glassworking, plunging and basking around the northern shore, and perforce Tenthag tagged along.

But then a new-crowned king of the northeastern-most realm, that one called Ulaid, had decided to find a way to secure himself and his new realm against Brian and had voyaged over to the Hebrides isle of Islay, there to give over Ulaid to the Regulus of the Isles, receiving it back from that fierce, powerful Scottish lord as a feoff, which maneuver meant that now any attack upon Ulaid by the power-mad, land-hungry Ard-Righ would perforce signify an attack upon a vassal of and lands belonging to the Regulus, who owned forces and resources on at least a par with Brian.

But, notwithstanding, even a Jansenist, if such be left, must yet admit the claim of Francis Xavier as a true, humble saint, and if the sour-faced sectary of Port Royale should refuse, all men of letters must perforce revere the writer of the hymn.

They perforce wrapped arms about his neck, legs about him and each other, and held on tightly, squealing at every bounce.

Nestbyte, who steers the boat from the stern sheets, counts the breeze insufficient to hoist the lugsail and we must perforce row on.

Later Hugh was to think of that time as a kind of prk country they bad perforce to pass through in order to bec 0iiie 7 A independent.

Equatorial lagoons and archipelagoes, in pillaging the drowned cities, reclaiming the heavy specialised machinery such as electrical power generators and switchgear that had been perforce abandoned by the government.