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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Perforator \Per"fo*ra`tor\, n. [Cf. F. perforateur.] One who, or that which, perforates; esp., a cephalotome.


n. 1 A tool or machine that makes holes, or perforates, materials such as paper and card. 2 A machine that can bore a tunnel underground.

Usage examples of "perforator".

Her hand went back to the perforator with its round, hummingbird handle.

There were close to forty idols, at least twelve of the perforator knives, numerous axe blades, and many smaller blade-shaped objects which we commonly call celts.

I saw the jade perforator, a wicked and awful thing in my sight, sharp and dangerous, lying close to the cauldron.

Into the chalice it went, and then she lifted the chalice, gathering up the deadly perforator again in her left hand.

The perforator fell from her white hand and struck the stones, breaking in two.

A number of bone implements, including needles, perforators, and paddle-shaped objects, found with the skeletons in the mound.

I took them up, one by one, the hook, the probe, the cannula, the perforator, the hammer, the osteoclast, the dipyrene, the spathomele and, last of all, the scalpel.

They belong to that species of molluscous perforators which excavate holes in the hardest stone.