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Pereira (Portuguese and Galician for " pear tree") may refer to:

Pereira (surname)

Pereira is a common surname in the Portuguese and Galician as well as Sephardic languages, namely in Portugal, Galicia, Brazil and other regions of the former Portuguese Empire.

It was originally a noble Christian toponym of the Middle Ages, taken from the feudal possession of Pereira, Portugal, which in Portuguese means ' pear tree'.

The name also exists in variations such as Pereyra, Perera, Perero, Pereiro, Pereiros, Pereyro, Pereyros, Do Pereiro, Do Pereyro, Pereire, and others. In Portugal there are some families with variations of the name although Pereira is by far the most common. The variants of this name are more commonly found in other countries such as Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, India (specifically Goa) and Sri Lanka. Pereire, for example, is a French variant. Many Portuguese immigrants to the United States, especially Massachusetts, chose to " Americanize" their surname to Perry.

Pereira (Barcelos)

Pereira is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Barcelos. The population in 2011 was 1,318, in an area of 3.85 km².

Usage examples of "pereira".

It was quite possible that Pereira and his companions had been murdered, though as we found the Tongas very quiet folk if well treated and given the usual complimentary presents for wayleaves, this did not seem probable.

Portuguese from Delagoa Bay of the name of Pereira, who had come to the Cape Colony to trade many years before and settled there.

It appeared that on the decease of old Pereira the Governor of the Colony had withdrawn the wine and spirit monopoly, which he said was a job and a scandal, an act that made Hernando Pereira very angry, although he needed no more money, and had caused him to throw himself heart and soul into the schemes of the disaffected Boers.

That was the story of Hernando Pereira, who was to be--nay, who had already become--my rival for the hand of the sweet and beautiful Marie Marais.

However, it was Pereira and not Marie who answered, for at the moment I believe she could not speak.

Hernando Pereira, who have won every prize at shooting that ever I entered for.

Now, while Pereira was mocking and bragging of his prowess, Pieter Retief looked at me, and our eyes met.

Only Pereira turned his broad back and busied himself with relighting his pipe, which had gone out.

It seemed to me, however, that the Heer Pereira wished to make a mock of me and to bring it home to me what a poor creature I was compared to himself--I a mere sick boy who was worth nothing.

I think the whisper was heard, though not the words, for I saw Pereira bite his lip and make a movement as though to interrupt her.

I am mistaken, many more mean to follow, Marais and Retief and that plotter, Pereira, among them.

I, an Englishman, could not be of that adventurous company, Hernando Pereira both could and would.

Then Pereira and I--I attended by my loader, but he alone, as he said a man at his elbow would bother him--and with us Retief, the referee, took our stations about a hundred and fifty yards from this face of cliff.

Presently Pereira said through Retief that he had a favour to ask, namely, that I would allow him to take the first six shots, as the strain of waiting made him nervous.

Again Pereira loaded, aimed, and loosed at a rather high goose--it may have been about seventy yards in the air.