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Pera may refer to:

  • Marcus Junius Pera, Roman politician, dictator in 216 BC
  • Pera (surname)
  • Pera (Beyoğlu), a district in Istanbul formerly called Pera, now called Beyoğlu
    • Galata, a neighbourhood of Beyoğlu, often referred to as Pera in the past
  • Pêra (Caparica), a Portuguese locality in the district of Setúbal
  • Pêra (Silves), a Portuguese parish in the district of Faro in the Algarve
  • Pera Orinis, a village in Cyprus
  • The Pera, a ship of the Dutch East India Company
  • Peda or Pera, a dessert in Pakistan and India
  • Pera (plant), a plant genus in the family Euphorbiaceae
  • Public Employees Retirement Association, the name of several public employee pension plans in the United States
  • Peripheral ERA, a baseball statistic
  • Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture
  • Pera means money in Tagalog language
Pera (plant)

Pera is a genus of the flowering plant family Euphorbiaceae, first described as a genus in 1784. It is native to tropical America, from southern Mexico and the West Indies south as far as Paraguay.

Pera differs from other Euphorbiaceae in several characteristics and some classifications place it in its own family, Peraceae, rather than include Rafflesiaceae into the Euphorbiaceae.

Species Species

moved to Chaetocarpus

  • P. echinocarpa - Chaetocarpus echinocarpus
Pêra (Silves)

Pêra is a former civil parish in the municipality of Silves, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Alcantarilha e Pêra. The village is south east of Silves and is south south east of Lisbon. The village used to be called Pêra de Cima or Upper Pêra to distinguish it from the present Armação de Pêra, which was then named Pêra de Baixo (Lower Pêra).

Pera (surname)

Pera is the surname of:

  • Albano Pera (born 1950), Italian sports shooter
  • Alfredo Le Pera (1900–1935), Brazilian journalist
  • Edgar Pêra (born 1960), Portuguese cinematographer
  • Marcello Pera (born 1943), Italian philosopher and politician
  • Marília Pêra (born 1943), Brazilian actress
  • Patrick Péra (born 1949), French figure skater
  • Radames Pera (born 1960), American actor
  • Robert Pera (born 1978), American entrepreneur, owner of Memphis Grizzlies
  • Sam Pera, Jr. (born 1989), Cook Islands weightlifter