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The Collaborative International Dictionary
People's bank

People's bank \Peo"ple's bank\ A form of co["o]perative bank, such as those of Germany; -- a term loosely used for various forms of co["o]perative financial institutions.

People's Bank

People's Bank, or variations such as People's State Bank or People's National Bank Building, may refer to:

in Austria
  • Volksbank, Central European retail bank headquartered in Austria
in China
  • People's Bank of China, the Central Bank of the People's Republic of China
in Germany
  • Volksbanken, a part of the co-operative banks branch
in Italy
  • Banca Popolare (disambiguation), several institutions
  • Banco Popolare
in Slovenia
  • People's Savings Bank, Celje, in Celje, Slovenia
in Spain
  • Banco Popular EspaƱol
in Sri Lanka
  • People's Bank (Sri Lanka), a state owned commercial bank in Sri Lanka
in the United States
  • People's United Bank (formerly People's Bank), headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • People's State Bank (Orangeville, Illinois), listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in Illinois
  • People's Savings Bank (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), listed on the NRHP in Iowa
  • People's National Bank (Pella, Iowa), listed on the NRHP in Marion County, Iowa
  • People's First National Bank and Trust Company Building, Paducah, KY, listed on the NRHP in Kentucky
  • People's National Bank (New Iberia, Louisiana), listed on the NRHP in Louisiana
  • Peoples Federal Savings Bank headquartered in Brighton, MA
  • The Peoples Bank (Biloxi, Mississippi), listed on the NRHP in Mississippi
  • People's Bank and Trust, Rocky Mount, NC, merged into Centura Bank
  • People's Federal Savings and Loan Association (Sidney, Ohio), listed on the NRHP in Ohio
  • People's State Bank (Diller, Nebraska), listed on the NRHP in Nebraska
  • People's National Bank Building (Rock Hill, South Carolina), listed on the NRHP in South Carolina
  • People's Bank of Friendsville, Friendsville, TN, listed on the NRHP in Tennessee
  • People's National Bank Building (Tyler, Texas), listed on the NRHP in Texas
  • People's Co-op Building, Lehi, UT, listed on the NRHP in Utah
  • People's Bank (Weirton, West Virginia), listed on the NRHP in West Virginia
  • Banco Popular, a bank operating in the United States and Puerto Rico
People's Bank (Sri Lanka)

People's Bank is a state-owned commercial bank in Sri Lanka. The Bank's headquarters are located in Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Street in Colombo and was established on July 1, 1961. The bank has a network of 347 local branches and 387 Service Centers with 450+ own ATMs. The Bank offer both Retail and corporate Banking services including Online Banking and mobile Banking.

People's Bank (Weirton, West Virginia)

People's Bank is a historic bank building located at Weirton, Hancock County, West Virginia. It was built in 1930, and is a small Classical Revival building constructed of concrete, steel, brick and stone. The building is one story with a lower level. It consists of a higher front portion than the rear due to the interior space of the main lobby. The front facade is of cream glazed brick with Indiana limestone details. The building closed in 1962, due to expansion into a larger building with drive-through windows, and sat undisturbed until it was renovated in 1993.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

Usage examples of "people's bank".

A different virus is busy hijacking people's bank accounts, sending ten percent of their assets to the previous victim, then mailing itself to everyone in the current mark's address book: a self- propelled pyramid scheme in action.

The government broke its own laws to find ways to suppress Green's Mutual Bank and Spooner's People's Bank.