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Il Penseroso, Arcades, Comus, Odes, Sonnets, Miscellanies, English Psalms, Elegiarum Liber, Epigrammatum Liber, Sylvarum Liber.

Il Penseroso, illustrated by engravings on steel after designs by Birket Foster.

Il Penseroso have their source in a song of Fletcher, and two beautiful little ballads that are ascribed to Shakespeare.

It is interesting to note that this same Marshall engraved the head of Milton for the first collection of his miscellaneous poems--the precious 1645 volume containing Il Penseroso, Lycidas, Comus, etc.

The helmeted Lorenzo, Il Penseroso, broods over what might have been, had he acted his part in Florence.

Allegro and Penseroso were too full of the genuine country spirit to suit his probable audience.

Only the literary student reads that little masterpiece, the Ode to Evening, which sometimes heralds the Shelleian strain, while other passages are the sole things in the language comparable to the miniatures of Il Penseroso.