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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I crouched down to check with my penlight.
▪ Siegfried stood in the darkness with a compass and a penlight.

n. a small torch / flashlight that resembles a fountain pen


n. a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen

Usage examples of "penlight".

Finding a small ultraviolet penlight, she slipped it in the pocket of her sweater and hurried back up the hallway toward the open doors of the Salle des Etats.

Sophie turned on the black light, and the bluish crescent of penlight fanned out on the floor in front of them.

Harry put the can between his limp legs, plucked a penlight off the table on the other side of his stool, and directed the beam on the can to be sure it was Coors and not Diet Coke.

He used a penlight to study a spiral-bound notebook in which he had kept a record of the unusual activities at the mortuary.

He crouched forward slowly, leading the way with the penlight, carefully examining every contour on every device, supply, or container before shoving it aside.

Lagging a few feet behind the others, Vera was lost in her own thoughts, occasionally focusing her penlight on the dank red earth walls.

Playing her penlight across the flooring, she saw a chalky white substance coating the floor and walls.

Her fingers clutched the cold metal and she clutched the penlight to her chest.

I got the penlight out of my handbag and checked the balcony with care.

I used my penlight sparingly, picking my way with care through heavy brush, twigs snapping underfoot.

I flashed the penlight across the close-growing shrubs, looking for a path.

I swept the room with the narrow beam of the penlight, getting my bearings.

I was working in the dark, clamping the penlight in my mouth like a cigar while I used the rocker pick in my left hand and the wire in my right.

But after just a few decades of development, twenty dollars bought you one that ran on penlight batteries and fit in a shirt pocket.

Yost followed with a penlight flash, while Grant fell in beside Trent.