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n. The ''species:Coregonus peled'', a whitefish of the ''Salmonidae'' family, endemic to Northern Europe and Russia.

Peled (fish)

The peled (Coregonus peled), also called the northern whitefish, is a species of freshwater whitefish in the Salmonidae family. It is found in northern Europe and Asia.

The peled is related to ciscoes of the Coregonus sardinella complex.


Peled (Hebrew: , " steel") may refer to:

  • Abe Peled, Israeli businessman
  • Benny Peled (1928–2002), commander of the Israeli Air Force
  • Elad Peled (born 1927), Israeli former general
  • Mattityahu Peled (1923–1995), senior Israeli military officer, scholar, and peace activist
  • Miko Peled (born 1961), Israeli peace activist and author
  • Moshe Peled (politician) (born 1945), Israeli former politician
  • Natan Peled (1913–1992), Israeli politician
  • Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Israeli peace activist, and daughter of Mattiyahu Peled
  • Yossi Peled (born 1941), Israeli general and politician
  • Peled (fish)

Usage examples of "peled".

So is his father, shouting at a hapless army telephone girl to connect him to General Peled, the new air force chief.

Luria knows that Peled will level with him, if only he can get through!

The Ezrakh, thin and frail, conducts a short burial service, then Air Force Chief Peled begins to eulogize "a fallen eagle from a family of eagles," his usual forceful voice faltering.

Standing at a desk spread with blurry blown-up photos, Peled waved a magnifying glass.

We have an Israeli chap on that, David Peled - surprised they let us have him.

David Peled, the Israeli chief his technical branch, looked very Catholic, rather like something from an El Greco painting, a Dominican priest, perhaps, from the fifteenth century, tall, skinny, hollow of cheek and dark of hair (short), with a certain intensity of eye.

Clark replied, looking over at David Peled, his chief technical officer.

David Peled took a more distant view, sitting there in civilian clothing and staring at the computer screen like an accountant examining a business spreadsheet.

It showed four adults, but more important, it showed a crowd of children sitting on the floor in the corner, close to two doors with labels-the toilets, Peled realized.

Tim Noonan was sitting in the right-side forward corner of the cargo area, playing with his computer, with David Peled at his side.