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PEK may refer to:

  • IATA code for Beijing Capital International Airport
  • PolyEtherKetone, an engineering plastic
  • Pomeranian Evangelical Church (Pommersche Evangelische Kirche), a Protestant church in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
  • Program for Evaluating Complementary Medicine, the English translation of Programme Evaluation Komplementärmedizin (PEK)
  • Phantom Evil King, a boss in the video game Okage
Pek (river)

The Pek is a river in eastern Serbia. It is a 129 km long right tributary of the Danube, flowing through the regions of Homolje, Zvižd and Braničevo.

Usage examples of "pek".

Ignoring her, he tossed a letter, neatly addressed to Enli Pek Brimmidin, down by the dusty road.

Ano Pek Brimmidin, stood in the very heart of Gofkit Shamloe, off the central square.

A group of young people danced, giggling, to the rather inept piping of old Solor Pek Raumul.

Terrans that are coming to live in the household of Hadjil Pek Voratur.

A Terran who visited World before, one Ahmed Pek Bazargan, came yesterday in his metal flying boat to a village south of here, Gofkit Jemloe.

Household Oversight approved the request, and naturally Hadjil Pek Voratur accepted.

Beside him walked his wife, Alu Pek Voratur, dressed with similar richness.

Why, if they gave Pek Voratur seeds for those plants, that alone could make him the richest man on World!

The crowd continued as before, walking slowly toward the household of Hadjil Pek Voratur, chatting or humming.

In fact, Pek Bazargan now moved toward Pek Allen, putting a hand on his arm.

Terran, David Pek Allen, who had raised such grave doubts at the hospitality procession.

But Pek Bazargan accompanied either Pek Voratur or his wife nearly everywhere: to the docks when the Voratur trading fleet set out, to the market, to the gardens, to Rafkit Seloe, to visit friends.

But the Terran healer requested of Pek Voratur that no one else enter her workrooms, not even to clean.

However, it meant that by the end of her first tenday, when Enli was supposed to report in to Pek Nagredil, she had nothing to report.

Not even that Pek Sikorski hired the kitchen boy to catch frebs and bring them to her to kill?